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Egulfed in a deep valley forest bursting with indigenous costal fauna and flora, Silaka Nature Reserve lends much of its magnificence from the drama of its rugged coastline, softened by rolling grassy plains and forest floors littered with the most beautiful lilies, orchids and velvet mosses. Spanning across 400ha’s the protected costal reserve runs from Second Beach to Sugarloaf Rock with the Gxwaleni River forming an estuary on the main beach.

General Information

Peak Rate
4 Sleeper Chalets (1-4 person) - R1036 per night
2 Sleeper Chalets (1-2 person) - R571 per night
Off-Peak Rate
4 Sleeper Chalets (1-4 person) - R957 per night
2 Sleeper Chalets (1-2 person) - R529 per night


  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Birding
  • Whale watching
  • Dolphin watching
  • Fishing (with permits)
  • Photographic opportunities

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Contact Info

Reserve Number
+27(0)87 2866 523
Reserve Manager
+27(0)71 607 6690
Lat: -31.6
Long: 29.5
Office hours
:    08h00-16h30
:    08h00-16h00

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