New Brand Positioning – The Eastern Cape aligns to Brand South Africa

Opportunities to explore abound in the Eastern Cape, but do potential visitors know this? The ECPTA has aligned the province’s destination brand, previously branded Adventure Province Eastern Cape, with Brand South Africa, incorporating a slogan to highlight that which makes the Eastern Cape so unique.

Research has indicated that the Eastern Cape has been losing potential visitors to other destinations. Segments of the market have interpreted “Adventure” to refer to challenging adventure activities and have perceived the Eastern Cape to be only catering to such activities, events and experiences. As a result, they have failed to investigate all of the other attractions that the Eastern Cape has to offer, choosing other destinations with appeal most aligned to their interests.

The Eastern Cape decided to rebrand, not only to overcome the misconception about adventure but also to align with Brand South Africa’s destination South Africa brand. Alignment to this brand ensures that the brands of all provinces are consistent, coherent and present a single brand identity to elevate and increase the global competitiveness of South Africa and its provinces.

The new Eastern Cape brand tagline, Yours to Explore, for domestic marketing entices local tourists to “explore” the Eastern Cape and ALL its attractions. The tagline opens the offer up to “whatever your interest or preferences, you’ll find it here in the Eastern Cape”. Significantly, the personalised and inviting tagline alludes to the warm and friendly nature of the people of the Eastern Cape – one of the key selling features of the province.

The ECPTA logo has similarly been aligned to the move away from adventure, retaining elements of the entity’s previously established logo for continuity.