Terms & Conditions

General Tariffs


Meeting / Conference Facilities

BAVIAANSKLOOF 1 unit 40 Pax max R550/unit

GREAT FISH RIVER 1 unit 15 Pax max R440/unit

THOMAS BAINES 1 unit 45 Pax max R360/unit

TSOL WANA 1 unit 40 Pax max R550/unit


Catering for Meetings / Conferences

BREA KFAST R65/person

LUNCH R90/person

DINNER R165/person

VENISON BRAAI R1320 for 15, R90/person thereafter

TEA /COFFEE & EATS R30/person

This service is only applicable to Tsolwana, Great Fish River and Mpofu Nature

Reserves. Arrangements and payment to be made prior to arrival. Minimum 10

persons (overnight visitors).


Visitor Catering

1-4 person group R150/day

1-10 person group R300/day

Cook hired to prepare three meals per day using visitor’s own groceries. Applicable to Tsolwana, Great Fish & Mpofu Nature Reserves. Arrangements to be made prior to arrival.


Reserve Categories



Baviaanskloof Nature Reseerve, Great Fish River Nature Reserve, Groendal Nature Reserve,

Hluleka Nature Reserve, Mkhambathi Nature Reserve, Mpofu Nature Reserve, Silaka Nature Reserve,

Thomas Baines Nature Reserve, Tsolwana Nature Reserve & Watersmeeting Nature Reserve.


Commando Drift Nature Reserve, Dwesa Nature Reserve, East London Coast Nature

Reserve, Formosa Nature Reserve, Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve, Hamburg Nature

Reserve, Island Nature Reserve, Nduli Luchaba Nature Reserve, Ongeluksnek Nature

Reserve & Oviston Nature Reserve.


Conservation Fee


ADULTS R20/person

CHIL DREN 2-11 yrs R10/child

CHIL DREN 0-1 yr Free



ADULTS R10/person

CHIL DREN 2-11 yrs R5/child

CHIL DREN 0-1 yr Free


SCHOOL GRO UPS – R15/teacher, R5/child, vehicle free.

Baviaanskloof: No unlicensed vehicles enforced by road traffic law


Conservation By Products

Venison R15/kg excl warthog

R12/kg warthog


Location fees


1-12 people max. 1-5 vehicles max. – fees negotiated between R2000-R3500/day Baviaanskloof filming formalities.


13-40 people max. 5-20 vehicles max. – fees negotiated between R7500-R9000/ day. Please note that location fee is to be adjusted according to storyboard concept i.e. helicopter landings, impact on fauna and flora, etc.


40+ people, 20+ vehicles – fees are available on request with a minimum of R9000/day, depending on size of crew and storyboard.

Tourism, promotional & educational programmes

Where location fees are often requested to be waivered or reduced. Requests are to be submitted to the Marketing Manager of the ECPTA and every request is to be considered by the ECPTA on merit and marketing relevance, content, advertising spin offs etc.

Permit Payment

Full payment has to be made in advance. A permit will only be valid once proof of payment has been received. The filming permit and receipt of payment have to be presented on request to the Reserve Manager before filming will be allowed to commence.

Filming without permission

Filming without a valid permit will be charged at the highest fee per category plus 100%, and will be payable on site.

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation of 20% of the full filming fee will be charged if the permit was issued, but the shoot was cancelled 24hrs or less before a shoot.


A reduced fee for commercial shoots on behalf of charity organisations will only be considered in the case of pro-bona advertising campaigns, supported by the relevant paperwork. In such instances we require that ECPTA’s contribution to the campaign be acknowledged in some or all of the following manners: credits, contact details, ECPTA logo, Media coverage, Showcasing of signboards, etc.

Waivered Fee

Should location fees be waivered for what ever reason, the presence of a Reserve Manager on site will remain a requirement, and will be charged at the current hourly rate of a R120.

Fines and Blacklisting

* Should it be reported by at least three residents/landowners/visitors to our nature reserves that you have transgressed the terms and conditions of your permit, you will be liable for a fine of at least R5000.

* Blacklisting with the Film Commission will be considered in the following cases:

– if no effort is made to adhere to requirements agreed upon.

– if the production company is noted to have caused environmental damage and failed to pay for damages within seven days.

– failed to meet contractual payment obligations.

Long term filming projects

* A sliding scale may apply to long term filming projects. Each case will be considered on merit.

* Days 1-10: 100% of applicable rate

* Days 10-20: 75% of applicable rate

* Days 20-end of production: 50% of applicable rate

Other fees

  • Permit fee (non-refundable): R300/permit
  • Reserve manager fees – R120/hour or part thereof
  • In the case of very large filming crews and under certain circumstances ECPTA will require additional Reserve Managers to accompany the crew.
  • Other staff assistance: R200/hour excluding travelling time. Additional assistance (guide, courier, labour, technical, professional or scientific expertise) that may be required by the production will be made available at the standard rate.

Venue Hire

When using our nature reserves for the following: Weddings, Adventure Challenges, Parties, Ad-hoc Events, etc the price will be negotiated between R500 – R10000/day. Please note that the venue fee will be adjusted according to the size of the event, impact on fauna and flora, infrastructure and staff requirements etc.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure a pleasant and successful trip through the ECPTA nature reserves it is essential that you adhere strictly to the regulations, which are intended for your protection and enjoyment.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings and stays:

  1. Damage/Loss/Death

It is a distinct condition of admission to any protected area that the ECPTA accepts no responsibility arising from a visit(s) however caused:

  • For any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person.
  • For theft/loss/damage to any property, whether allegedly due to the negligence of the board/officers/employees/agents or arising from the use of any facilities supplied/made available. From any alleged defect in any utensil/equipment/services. From any other conveyance supplied/made available, or from any liquid/food supplied. From any other matter arising, in any other manner and from any other cause whatsoever.
  1. Disclaimer of Liability

ECPTA, its Directors and employees shall not be liable to any person or any legal entity for:

  • Any loss or damages caused by or as a result of any theft or burglary or any other cause and /or any incident, injury, loss of life, loss or damage whether by ECPTA, its Directors or its employees, consequential or otherwise caused to such person or entity from whatever cause arising while upon or while using the said premises or any portion thereof. However such accident, delay, injury, loss of life or loss or damage may arise occasionally as a result of negligence or breach of contract.
  1. Booking Fees

  • Right of admission is reserved. ECPTA only confirms a booking on receipt of full payment by the deadline date (within 14 days of making booking or prior to arrival, which ever is the lesser) as specified on the provisional booking.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that full payment is made before the specified date on provisional booking to avoid automatic cancellation, as the central reservations unit cannot be responsible for this.
  • ECPTA reserves the right to cancel the booking if no or only partial payment is received, or should the proof of full payment not be received by the specified deadline date. Any money paid in by that date will be kept as credit for the customer for another 14 days period only, after which the money will be forfeited and automatically become an administration fee.
  1. Booking Cancellation and Rescheduling

The following conditions apply to any rescheduled booking:

  • Bookings rescheduled will be subject to a 25% of the total booking as an administration fee. The total booking fee plus the administration fee must be paid in full before access to the reserve is granted.
  • Bookings may only be rescheduled twice
  • Rescheduling of bookings must be made within 12 months of the original arrival date or money paid will be forfeited.
  • When rescheduling, the monetary value of the cancelled booking will go as credit against the new booking (not the quantity of days booked.)
  • Refunds on or after the arrival date will be processed by the head office on recommendation from the reserve.
  • Refund of bookings prior to arrival date will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

Cancellations greater than 45 days prior to arrival = 10% of booking total

Cancellation within 44-30 days prior to arrival = 25% of booking total

Cancellation within 29-15 days prior to arrival = 50% of booking total

Cancellation within 14 days or less prior to arrival = 100% of booking total

  • Bookings cannot be rescheduled should guests choose to leave earlier than expected due to illness, emergencies, Force Majeure or change of plans.
  • All cancellations must be done in writing by clients if booking has been paid.
  • Should ECPTA cancel the booking due to any unforeseen reason, the guests have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
  1. Reserve Rules and Regulations and Other Useful Information

ECPTA reserves the right to deny access or to evict guests who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the ECPTA and/or its’ reserves. Money paid will be forfeited. These rules include, but are not limited to the following:

  • No pets allowed on all nature reserves (except registered guide dogs).
  • No collection of bait, removing, damaging or disturbing of fauna and flora
  • No rowdy and unbecoming behaviour.
  • Gate times must be strictly adhered to and travelling inside the ECPTA nature reserves outside of these hours is not allowed.
  • Overnight visitors are only to stay at a booked overnight facilities and must report to reception before occupying accommodation / camping site.
  • Check in time 14:00, check out time 10:00
  • The feeding or disturbing of animals is considered to be a serious offence.
  • Tariff prices does not include meals, however meals are included at certain parks at an additional cost.
  • Adult is 12 years and above
  • Child (2-11 years), under 2 years Gratis
  • All tariffs are in South African Rand. Tariffs are subject to alteration without advance notification.
  • No exceeding the specified number of persons per booking.
  • No unsealed fire arms permitted on nature reserves.
  • No motorbikes, quad bikes, motorised water craft of any nature are allowed off public roads in all the nature reserves.
  • Camping or overnight stays are only permitted in designated areas.
  • Visitors are only permitted on marked tourists routes and roads. No off road driving is permitted.
  • Day visitors must be out of the nature reserve by sunset or 18h00, which ever is the earliest.
  • Picnics, swimming, fishing and fires may only be undertaken in designated areas.
  • Entrance to nature reserves may be only be made with the appropriate entry permit and payment of prescribed fees.
  • South African residents 55 yrs and over are granted a discount of 20% on accommodation tariffs during off-peak season, and for bookings that are 3 nights or more. This discount excludes trails and overnight hiking. South African residents qualify for the above discount on presentation of identification and proof of age pensioners, failing which, full rates will be charged.
  • Thomas Baines offers a student rate, however to qualify for the applicable students must provide a valid student card for authenticating purposes.
  • Normal road and traffic regulations are applicable in all nature reserves.
  • Consult our Reservation Staff for details for out of season discounts and promotions.
  • The Conservation Fees are applicable to Day Visitors.
  • Peak Season is defined as all South African school holidays, Easter and long weekends (public holiday on a Friday or Monday).
  • Off-peak Season is defined as the period excluding those defined as Peak Season.
  • No refunds will be considered should visitors experience bad weather as weather conditions are out of our control.
  • Campsite and Accommodation numbers are to be strictly adhered to, as reflected on bookings.
  • All activities at applicable nature reserves are undertaken at client’s own risk, and day visitors will be charged conservation fees.


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